How to get to Wimbledon Village

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Getting to Wimbledon Village is relatively straightforward, with several transport options available:

By Public Transport

  1. Train:

    • Wimbledon Station: The nearest major train station is Wimbledon Station, which is served by National Rail services from London Waterloo, Clapham Junction, and other locations. From Wimbledon Station, you can take a bus or walk to Wimbledon Village (approximately 15-20 minutes walk).
    • South Western Railway: Regular services run from London Waterloo to Wimbledon Station, making it a convenient option for those traveling from central London.
  2. Underground:

    • District Line: Wimbledon Station is also on the District Line, providing easy access from other parts of London.
  3. Tram:

    • The Tramlink service connects Wimbledon Station with locations such as Croydon and Beckenham Junction.
  4. Bus:

    • Several bus routes serve Wimbledon Village directly, including routes 93, 200, and 493. These buses connect Wimbledon Village with Wimbledon Station and other nearby areas.

By Car

  • Driving: Wimbledon Village is accessible via the A3 and A219. However, parking can be limited, so it’s advisable to check for available car parks or street parking options beforehand. Wimbledon Village has several parking facilities, including Wimbledon Park and Ride during the tennis championships.

By Bicycle

  • Cycling: Wimbledon Village is cycle-friendly with several bike racks available for parking. Cycling from central London is feasible, with several quiet routes and cycle paths available.


  • Walking: For those who enjoy walking, Wimbledon Village is approximately a 15-20 minute walk from Wimbledon Station. The route is straightforward and well-signposted.

Directions from Wimbledon Station to Wimbledon Village:

  1. Exit Wimbledon Station and head southwest on Wimbledon Bridge/A219.
  2. Turn right onto Alexandra Road/A219 and continue straight.
  3. Continue on to Wimbledon Hill Road/A219 and follow the signs up the hill.
  4. Wimbledon Village is at the top of the hill, where Wimbledon Hill Road meets Ridgway.

These directions and transport options should help you reach Wimbledon Village with ease, whether you’re coming for a leisurely lunch, a spot of shopping, or to enjoy one of the many local events.